Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lucky Sevens

There’s a saying that bad things happen in threes. Well, I think it’s more like sevens.

Perhaps not for great big bad things like Japan's disaster trifecta: 1) earthquake, 2) tsunami, and 3) nuclear crisis (sending thoughts and prayers to Japan).

But I think that bad little everyday things happen in sevens.

For example, in the short span of a few weeks: 1) my car tire went flat, 2) the back door knob came loose, 3) the front window shutter fell off, 4) the cable froze up, 5) the hem came out of my favorite pair of pants, 6) my computer caught a virus, and 7) the seam split on the shoulder of my coat.

None of these things are catastrophes. They’re bad little things, but they’re annoying. I expect everyday things to work. I take everyday things for granted. I admit it. I don’t think about the door knob or my hem or the shutter, until it breaks. When an everyday thing breaks, it’s a hassle. And when everyday things fall apart all at once, the days seem to s-l-o-w down while precious time (and patience) is wasted to fix each previously unnoticed thing.

There is a lesson to be learned when everyday things fall apart: React, don’t overreact.

How you react makes all the difference. To keep perspective, one just has to look around at the much bigger problems in the world (again, thoughts of Japan) and realize that when everyday things fall apart the best reaction is to laugh, repair, and move on with every day.

Be glad for seven little things instead of three big bad ones.

Think of it as lucky sevens.


Brooke said...

fantastic post, kristen! you are so right. little annoyances that time themselves perfectly to happen all at once are very aggravating. if anyone can handle it, with aplomb, you can!!...b

taio said...



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